Only 15 km from the Castle of Baccaresca rises the historic town of Gubbio, known by many as the "city of the insane". Beware, to obtain the "insane license" one will have to wait until May 15 and hope that a Eugubino guarantees for us. If one is visiting this city in another period of the year don’t hesitate, there are plenty of points equally interesting to visit.

The starting point is definitely the cathedral, the main church of the city that contains the precious works of local artists of the 16th cent. From here one may easily access the intriguing Piazza Grande that hosts the Palazzo dei Consoli and admire an extraordinary panorama of the valley Eugubina. Entering in the Palazzo dei Consoli, the Historical Museum of the city, in the Gothic style, don’t miss the seven "Tavole Egubine", the most important document in the history of the Italics, dated between the III and II century B.C.

In front of the Duomo is the Palazzo Ducale, erected in the second part of the 15th cent. for the will of the Duke Federico di Montefeltro, where one may admire the Studiolo (faithful copy of the original exposed at the Metropolitan Museum of New York), in addition to a beautiful inner courtyard composed of a series of round arches supported by decorated columns and capitals. Don’t miss also the house of S. Ubaldo, the ancient tower house where the patron saint of Gubbio lived, which dates back to a period between 200 and 300. Heading out from the ancient walls, follow directions for the ancient Roman Theater, dating back to the I century B.C. and restored between the 19th and 20th centuries, during the summer season it becomes a stage for many classical performances. If one wants to look for a little freshness, along the old walls of the city one will find the Ranghiasci Park that offers one of the best views in Gubbio. The famous Mount Ingino, is where during the Christmas period the biggest Christmas tree is "decorated" in the world, not to miss to fully enjoy the magic of the Eugubino territory and admire the Basilica of Saint Ubaldo that houses the relics of the patron saint of the city. Before leaving the city make sure to visit the old blacksmiths shops still present in the country and test some typical dishes like Panaro crescia, a savory focaccia to taste with the local meats and with stews of lamb, duck, chicken and rabbit, cheese-cake or dishes with truffle and for gourmands try Ganascioni made by the Sisters of Santa Lucia, which were formerly offered together with the "Barcarola" the name that the Eugubini use for barley coffee and Mistrà.


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